Fence Board Potting Bench

Fence Board Potting Bench

fence board potting bench

So when we moved into our house, there was a dog door in the basement. I wasn’t a fan, so it went away. Fixing the interior wall where the dog door had been wasn’t too difficult to tackle. We replaced the drywall, taped and textured, painted, and it was a done deal. But trying to fix the exterior wall was a different story. That did not go as planned. I searched everywhere for siding to cover the hole that matched our siding, but to no avail. I couldn’t find that darn stuff anywhere. I looked in every hardware store in a sixty mile radius and kept getting skunked. So I put a piece of Hardi-board in the hole and called it good enough for now and went to work on other projects. Two and a half years went by. Every time I walked up to the back door, I cringed. A little part of my soul died every time I looked at my hillbilly fix (I can say that, I come from honest to goodness Tennessee hillbilly stock). A while back, I just said enough was enough. So when my husband said he was going to by some fence boards to make a windbreak for our bees, I got out my tape measure, measured the gaping hole in my house and asked him to buy five more for me. “What for?” he asked. “I don’t know, just something” I mumbled, not wanting him to yell at me for wanting to screw fence boards onto the house in some ill-guided attempt to hide the hole. I ran the kids into town as well to buy a couple of table legs, and pretty shelf brackets as well as a pint of baby blue paint. I also got a hanging basket from Target (along with about ten other items that I didn’t need that I can’t even recall at this point. I don’t know, I kind of black out in that store and I’m not responsible for what happens there). All told, it took me less than a day to put this baby together. This is pretty much my riff on all those cute antique door potting benches I see on Pinterest. I know those doors are hard to come by (thanks, Pinterest) so I decided to go with fence boards instead (cheap, in abundant supply). I used some spare tiles for the table top and flooring for the shelf because I’m all about doing things cheaply with supplies you already have on hand, but pretty much anything would work. Literally any wood you have lying around could be used to make the shelves. It’s a cute little stinker and actually comes in incredibly handy when I’m working in the garden or re-potting an indoor plant that’s gotten too big for its britches. So maybe you don’t have a hole in the wall, but maybe you do have an empty space somewhere on your porch that is begging to have a cute little potting bench. If so, you should make something like this.

Underside of bottom shelf leg bracket

General Guidelines

  1. I painted five fence boards with plain white exterior paint and then screwed the fence boards to my exterior wall.
  2. I painted my pre-purchased table legs baby blue.
  3. I made the larger bottom shelf out of plywood, cut to the width of my fence boards, minus one inch to accommodate for trim pieces around the outside.
  4. I cut trim to size to go around my bottom shelf to hide the plywood and painted it baby blue.
  5. I attached metal leg brackets to the bottom of the shelf and screwed my already painted table legs into it.
  6. I stood my bottom shelf up against my fence boards, leveled it and screwed a 1 X 2 to the fence boards underneath to support it.
  7. I screwed the shelf to the 1 X 2 top-down to secure it.
  8. I tiled the top of the shelf and nailed trim around the shelf, level with the top of the tile.
  9. I made the top shelf out of flooring that I cut to size, glued together with wood glue and painted baby blue.
  10. I leveled and attached my purchased shelf brackets to the fence boards and secured the top shelf to these brackets.
  11. Finally, I attached my purchased wire basket below the bottom shelf to store gardening gloves and trowels and such. The basket’s brackets were designed to sit over a lip, so I took them off and flipped them around, then attached them to the fence boards with screws.
Fence board potting bench

Back support for bottom shelf

That’s it. I painted it in the morning and installed it in the afternoon, so this was a quick, easy project that’s made a huge difference. I still need to grout the tile, but I’ll get to it when it’s not so hot outside. I hope you enjoy it!

Fence Board Potting Bench

Fence Board Potting Bench

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